Career Consulting Services for Students

As a student, you are working to develop a future pathway towards a meaningful career. Whether you are confused about future academic studies, possible careers, or considering a GAP year, there are many circumstances to consider.

As a high school student, together we work to uncover or confirm a path forward. Is a trade school an option? Is a GAP year a consideration? What type of degree will feel like a fit? Would a large or small campus benefit you?

As a college student or post-graduate student, we may confirm that your field of interest is still the best fit for you. Perhaps you are considering transferring schools, contemplating graduate school, preparing for an admissions interview with a new school, or it’s time to begin the job/internship search.

Working with me may include identifying obstacles, establishing a concrete pathway to reach your goals, resume assistance, preparing for the interview, and job search strategies. We may decide that taking an assessment will be valuable since it reveals new and meaningful information before you invest in education or often useful during the interview process and for professional development.

You will have ownership in the decision-making process and can proceed accordingly so that the career development process does not become overwhelming. We take a strategic approach to facilitate actionable steps so that you can reach your goals.

I offer three different optional assessments, both valuable in terms of self-awareness and outcomes-based information that allows for effective planning and responding.

Highlands Ability Battery Assessment

The Highlands Assessment helps determine what you do best by revealing your natural talents, gifts, and abilities. The assessment instrument shows your cognitive strengths and guides you towards your career options. It is an objective way to assess various qualities in a virtual online format. There is no pass/fail or good grades/bad scores. Most of the assessment is a series of engaging online games, called work samples.

The difference between the Highlands Ability Battery and other popular assessment tools – Myers Briggs (MBTI), Strong, DiSC, is that the Highlands assesses the performance of objective tasks that measure natural abilities. The Highlands reveals information about your approach to problem-solving, decision-making style, preferences for working alone or in groups, learning techniques that help recall pertinent information, all the make the best decision about college and work environment.

The Highlands Assessment provides extensive information about you and demands such little time.  It’s a great tool to use for future planning efforts prior to investing in an education or career choice. A sample student report can be found here.

Andrea is a godsend for teenagers trying to figure out their path and gain some non-parental guidance on college with her warm, healthy, positive approach. Backed by results gained from puzzles and games that a student is likely to enjoy, Andrea helped our daughter have a meaningful encounter with her inner self – what she likes, what makes her happiest, where she should steer her energy. By working with Andrea, our daughter realized how to have more meaningful and productive interactions with those different from her. What a gift for the future. 


Wayne, Pennsylvania

EQ-i 2.0 Emotional Intelligence Assessment

Emotional Intelligence is the skill of effectively perceiving and expressing ourselves, developing and maintaining social relationships, making good decisions, and managing stress.

When you have awareness about your self-regard, assertiveness, independence, interpersonal relationships, problem-solving, impulse control, and other Emotional Intelligence subscales, you have significantly increased the opportunity for success in school and the workplace.

Your understanding of your Emotional Intelligence:

  • increases the potential for academic success
  • encourages retention in a chosen area of study
  • improves the experience of adjusting to school
  • aids in preparation for a future career path
  • and promotes successful efforts towards graduation

A link to the higher education sample report can be found here.

Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI)

The MBTI assessment offers valuable insight into your personality preferences and provides a simple, positive foundation for personal development and self-awareness. Taking the MBTI will help you get to know yourself better, guide career decisions, enhance your interpersonal skills, have better relationships with family, friends, and coworkers, and make better choices in your life. It will help you become the best version of yourself that you can be.

The MBTI is based on Swiss psychiatrist Carl Jung’s work, who studied

  • how people experienced the world and process information (perception)
  • how they evaluate their experiences and information (judgment)
  • where they primarily focus their energy 

These form the core of our identity. It is the most widely used assessment of personality globally and is the most reliable and valid indicator of Jungian personality. Myers and Briggs, the instrument developers, identified 16 patterns of personality that describe a dynamic energy system of interacting personality preferences expressed as pairs of opposites.

The MBTI can be used during career conversations, professional development, and for life coaching.