Launch. Sustain. Succeed.

Career Consulting Services….begin the journey to a fulfilling career.

Available nationwide through face to face, phone or video appointments.




Launch. Sustain. Succeed.

Begin the Journey to a Fulfilling Career


Career Consulting Services


To support individuals with the launch of their career, to be engaged in each person’s effort to sustain workplace satisfaction, and to provide effective tools for ongoing career success.


Tropeano Consulting provides teens and adults with personalized attention to obtain clarity around academic studies and guidance to pursue an internship or employment. Career Re-launchers and Mid-life Career Switchers uncover new opportunities and learn how to re-brand themselves. Individuals affected by layoffs receive one-on-one personalized Outplacement Services to effectively identify new and meaningful employment.  High School kids become self-aware of their strengths and natural abilities allowing for a clear choice about a GAP year, trade school, college and career paths. College young adults receive clarity about academic and career paths, can prepare for law or medical school interviews, or work on obtaining an internship or job.  Parents make appointments to seek guidance on how to communicate with and guide their children during conversations about academic studies and career goals. Therapists, School Counselors and other Professionals are eager to learn how best to help their students and clients with academic and career confusion. Entrepreneurs considering selling their business, changing career paths, or retirement will receive consultative services enabling confident decision making on next steps.

Some clients have a unique approach to learning often manifested as ADHD, Auditory Processing Differences, Dyslexia, and other social learning differences.   Other clients are working through Anxiety, Depression, Introverted Tendencies, OCD and other mental health related challenges.  One-on-one appointments prepare each person to enter their academic environment or workplace successfully with ongoing coaching for job satisfaction, success and advancement. Services include Executive Functioning skills coaching based on individual need.

A Valuable Experience

Students obtain knowledge about academic focus and internship searches. Career clients will receive coaching as they initiate the job search. Those who are in a discovery phase will gain clarity and confidence while moving toward a desired career.  After working together, individuals have increased confidence, new approaches to networking, and a strong desire to initiate continued progress in their career.  Many people have success with managing multiple projects, self advocacy, making informed decisions, persistence and resilience. 

Professional Services

  • Exploration of Strengths & Skills

  • Highlands Career Assessment

  • Professional Image

  • Resume Review

  • LinkedIn Profile

  • Networking & Connecting

  • Cover Letter/Thank You Letters

  • College Interview Preparation

  • Job Interview Preparation

  • Executive Functioning Skills Coaching

  • Salary Negotiations

  • Consulting Appointments for Parents

  • Consulting Appointments Therapists

  • Consulting Appointments for School Personnel

  • Salary Negotiations

  • Assimilation to the New Job

  • Ongoing Coaching for Sustaining & Succeeding in the Job

“From the moment I met Andrea almost a decade ago, I knew she was a class act with people skills far superior to most. Her ability to bond with whomever she encounters is extraordinary.”


Financial Services Industry

“I wish I had taken the Highlands Assessment in high school. I could have avoided the need to change my academic and professional track as a junior in college. Working with Andrea, and her interpretation of the Highlands Assessment, has given me a more clear path for internships and post-graduation opportunities. Andrea’s expertise is outstanding. Her willingness to work with me from a distance has been incredibly helpful. Our weekly check-ins keep me on track with my internship search.”

Tulane Student

Class of 2020

“I was so impressed at how well-prepared Andrea was for our meeting.  During the beginning of our first session, I could tell that Andrea had spent much time preparing for our meeting and the clock had not yet even started.”


Legal Services Industry

“Why should a natural third baseman labor to develop his skills as a right fielder?”

Harvard Business Review “How to Play to Your Strengths”